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Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering
Educational Objectives
The department will train the cadets to have * the ability of solving problem * the ability of good reading and writing * the ability of designing projects and implementing them * the ability of self-learning through his(her) life.
A View of the Future
In the near future, the department will focus on the training of talents in * Military Information Technology * C4ISR System * Network System * Information Security and Information Warfare
*Information System
Mathematical Analysis: Calculus, Linear Algebra, Probability and Statistics, Discrete Mathematics
Applications: Object-Oriented Techniques, System Analysis and Design, Algorithm, Data Structure, Operating System, Database System, Software Engineering
*Networks: Wired and Wireless Networks, Network Management, Network Security
* Information Security: Cryptography, Network Security, Discrete Simulation and Wargamming, C4ISR System, Information Warfare